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Powerful sales tools built for the [mn] Webshop

Easy to integrate additional tools which you can always order/integrated

The Offer Generation Tool:

Impress your clients with fast and competent offers which is tailored to meet the needs of the target group.

The simple plug-in is integrated directly in the web shop. Create customized offers with just a few clicks of the mouse even while interacting with the clients. Never before has the creation of professional offers been so fast and easy. Select a products or product categories, add it in to the shopping cart (one click) and click on generate offer (the second click) and see all the magic options unfold in front of you on the screen. Your customer has the offer in his mailbox even before he leaves the meeting! By doing so you already convince your customer about your competence and create a right impression about you.
Some of the highlights of of Offer Generation Tool are:

  • Easily manage price per product or for all products
  • Easily retrieve contacts/addresses 
  • Creating new contact with just a few clicks
  • Easily Add new products/services 
  • Easy management of all/discount prices
  • Manage tax and shipping costs 
  • Save offer as PDF or directly email to customer (along with CC and BCC)
  • Save offers and continue on them later
  • Copy, and make new from existing with just few clicks
  • Conversion of an offer to Invoice/Bill
  • Automatically transfer to CRM application to set up reminders...

The possibilities that are available with the tool are almost unlimited and can be customized on request.

The Project Planer Tool:

Easy planning of projects.

The Project Planner is an add on tool for the Webshop to structure projects directly inside the shop.

For Example: You want to a plan to equip you home, from my account you can lay down you house details like number or levels, rooms etc, once you fill out those details then start putting the right products into those rooms like building materials, tools, plumbing materials, lights, furniture etc. And finally you have a list of products according to the plan with cost estimate, you can save the list or order or inquire directly from the shop.

We sell Solutions, not Products

Our policy is to build customer-oriented solutions. This together with our guaranteed service is hard to find at attractive prices. Give us a call and arrange an appointment with us. We like to convince you.

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