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Customer Specific Solutions Custom Made for your Business

Today companies are facing many challenges when determining how to meet their evolving business needs. To meets these needs we develop custom solutions to address the needs of the companies to help drive the daily operations as well as help you establish long-term objectives. No limitation to your needs will be accepted, all possible demands no matter how complex will be full filled. We get the Work Done for you. We have a standing promise which we stand for, we charge very low rates for best services and convinced a lot of companies who are our best references. Please contact us via telephone or email and let us be the answer for all your requirements through strategic consulting, operational leadership and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data and cloud computing.


[mn] Standards

Out standards help you a lot to run your business on a professional multi- vendor compatible way and more...


[mn] Solutions

  • Databank
  • Web-Shop
  • Product Code Generator
  • ERP Solutions
  • Stock management

[mn] Support

  • Data grooming
  • Database management
  • Backup Service
  • Designing of shops
  • SEO OnPage / OffPage
  • Low hourly costs

[mn] Consult

We analyse your needs and suggest suitable solutions.
Help you in optimising your business revenues,
show ways how to organise the distribution and sales chain in a better way.


[mn] Promise

We promise every customer that all our technical knowledge will be driving his needs.
If there is any need coming up which we do not cover yet we will full fill those needs by fast custom made solutions.


[mn] university

We train you and your staff in all possible aspects of your IT and Online business.
Normal average fully users matters.


Programmers, Project Managers and Specialists in the field of Graphics and SEO

We have offices in 6 countries.

Consulting, Training and Onsite Service available from our well-trained professionals at your company.

More complex programming services are handled by our 30-Member team in India. Through our standardized ticketing system you can directly contact the programmer specific to your issue and responsible project manager will be interacting with you directly for the ticket raised.

Competence without Fluctuation: We are very proud on the fact that our team in India had to register inlet for 15 years only however no personnel changes.
Fair trade does not only protect the standard of living of our colleagues in the Far East, it protects also the KonwHow for your projects and the future for our enterprise.


Security for You, Your data and Your Business

What happens if your database and all your data is gone? How protected is your system against abuse, theft, tampering or fours?

We have one of the fastest server systems in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) in a high-secured building for you. Automatic backups, backup before failure, fire and water as well as the comprehensive protection through secure lines give comprehensive protection for the most important data - your data!

On request we can show our customers our personal Data Center in Frankfurt.