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[mn] medianet - The Company

The [mn]medianet approach

It is our goal to find the solution needed to fit the demand from our customers at the top of the human possible achievement of functionality and quality in all perspectives. This can be found together with customer if he explains his wish ore on the basis of suggestions and proposals. As a solution to a problem. Tell us your problem we show you the solution. No targets are too demanding. No dream to high we taking every day the adventure to full fill ALL demands and challenges of our customers. We deliver all solutions in a worry free package. We make the blue sky to turn in to your daily solution. The major [mn]medianet approach is never leave a customer alone always offer a solution.

Building services

[mn]medianet is offering no regrets building services of the most demanding technical projects and building. No new technology is there we can't even drive further for a result like you deserve it having developed a lot of never approached solutions in the past we are glad to fulfill the highest demands from our customers.  All sorts of buildings and structures can be realized from [mn]medianet.

Interior works

[mn]medianet is offering the complete solution in one hand and is dedicated to customer service working closely with clients all over the world we always manage to find the perfect design solution for the particular project together with a high demand on functionality and seamlessly integration with a lot of technical expertise realizing solutions not available from others. Combining woodwork mechanical solutions metal work and interior decoration with all other disciplines of technical high demanding building applications. Quality is  a number one priority proofed by our unusual long guaranties and made in German quality.  Trusting partnerships all over the world gives is the experience and profound knowledge of a one stop and one in all solution of your needs. Striving for innovative, creative and unique design applications.

Distribution and Sales

With a good and well strucktured distribution network we started to distribute technical products. First own brands and meanwhile sublementing this with third party products to complete the offer to our distributing partners and customers. We distribute beside own brands like SCLAN.de  Voicepoint.de  also bradns like screenexcelence,com for homecinema screen and kaiser-elektro.de for elektro installation acesories. And soon a view other products to come fitting in to our range.

Software / Database / Online Programming

With our programmer teams in Germany, India and Ukraine we develop since last 12 years top most database and online user interfaces specialized in the distribution sales and global product distribution support software. For producers distributors and sales staff as well as the complete complex chain of distributions worldwide. AudioPro with very experienced programers we running a technical leading software suite for audio optimisng fitlering correction of spekars and ore room correction systems. Both is developed Hardware and Software with years of investment in most sofisticated Audio optimising for the home amateur and the most impressive big profesional installations. Both hardware and software Online Pogramming internet business SEO SEM Google optimising We do complex Shop- and Child Shop-Systems as well as Online- CRM, CMS and LEADS generation and management software. Since 2012 [mn]medianet has been launched a big scientific SEO Project with a lot of scientific R&D approach to react up on new face of SEO demands and new algorithms which make it so demanding to manage proper listing and online ranking. Specially proud we are on the solution of solving worldwide double content and copyright management solutions by special database driven worldwide structure reliving the SEO problems of the past. Since them we do offer SEM and SEO Google optimising. Katalog Generating Software new aproach for our databse software si the new catalog egenration all cataloges will be genrated automaticaly from the existing datase of our customers making shure eh cataloges can be genrated with many hundred sides even and thousands of products in only minutes. We offer also a redactional system wich is giving every product manger in the company a own data acess were he e4asiyl can maintina the data and product information. Hence this every genration run the most actual catalouge is generated bast on up to date information for jears to come with out any aditional catalouge desinging cost. This saves many many 5 digit thousands of euro every year for the companys we doing already the automatic genration. (best refernces from world markte leadfing companys avaoilabel on request (they asked for proteking this information we only entiteld to pass this info on personal request)

Electronic / Multimedia Automation

[mn]medianet is a leading expertise in high-end-automation of residential and commercial properties as well as airplanes and yachts. With over 15 years experience in the development, production, design, planning, installation and maintenance of all technical building equipment we offer the disciplines rights and roles managed online and at your finger touch as follows.

  • Bus System: Building automation control bus structures SCLAN TCP/IP
  • Multiroom Audio: Multiroom Audio sever based audio distribution
  • Audio Pro: AudioPro Messurmertn and correction software
  • Surveillance: TCP/IP Video cam network and automation
  • Security: SCLAN Based integrated security systems
  • Conference rooms: Fully Automated presentation control of all involved equipment
  • Cinema installations: under all aspects of optical and audible improvement's
  • Light control automation: Fully integrated in SCLAN wide building automation programable Scene and Sequence light mangment
  • Access control: Fully integrated in SCLAN wide building automation
  • HVAC: Heating Ventilation Airconditioning Cooling programng and managment
  • TCP/IP Structures: IT Struckture integration hetrogenous secure and profesional for all building types LAN and WAN instalations
  • FM: Facility management room booking room inventory hardware ticketing
  • FM-Building-Service: Technical individual automation solutions in the premium area

[mn]medianet automation solutions developed at the cutting edge of the technology. The [mn]medianet core competencies include design, development, programming, production, installation and maintenance of sophisticated building automation, consumer electronics, high-end audio but also integrated information and communications technology. The focus is for us always the implementation of technology in a way that is characterized by the highest quality and functionality fits into your life rather than dominate it. It has set itself the task of [mn]medianet to develop home automation solutions that integrate into by the simplest user interfaces and intelligent networking ALL-use components perfectly and discreetly in your everyday life professional and private - and indeed for the whole company ore family. With [mn]medianet you have a competent partner at your side, who can offer everything from planning through product development to installation and service from a single source. The [mn]medianet automation system is the only solution that connects all areas of automation and intelligent manner due to its open structure [mn]medianet system can control virtually everything in your Site house company stock-building garden ore what ever.. you name it. - no other system offers such a versatile and flexible application. [mn]medianet not only takes the managing control of your process, but it also connects all processes intelligently and autonomously learns the user preferences to automatically adapt to your preferences. If in our extensive range something is missing we build it, project, or develop what ever you need, want or think is right. This is Guarantied by us for any of your special demand, we stand for our promise with our factory design and engineering, and production team. Products and Services Made in Germany by [mn]medianet.