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[mn] QR Code for Product Life Cycle Management:

Product life cycle management (PLM) is the integration of all aspects of a product, taking it from conception through the product life cycle (PLC) to the disposal of the product and components. Every product goes through different stages like manufacturing, launching, distributing, usage, servicing and disposing. While going through all these stages there may be loss of information about the product at different stages like date of purchasing, number of services made and the complete information of the product will be lost once it is disposed. QR code labeling will help to store the product information with out loss from its inception to the disposal. High Go provides the software to generate QR code that stores all the information like product code, manufacturing details, expiry date, cost of the product and the more information of the product. This helps in tracking the product in its process flow from manufacturer to dealer/distributor to retailer and then to end customer. QR code allows products to be validated by all in the life cycle, by simplifying scanning their can know about genuity of the product as the QR code will always a carry a unique code of each product which makes it an authentic product. This is to eradicate fakes and duplicate products from the market. All genuine products will carry in their QR code a unique code which when scanned can validate the product so while buying the consumer can also scan the QR code and find out if it is the original product or not. Also additional advantages the QR Code on product can provide with is more information which can be stored in the QR Code. For consumer a scan of the QR Code can provide with not just the information weather it is genuine or fake, additional information such as manufactured date, expiry date or warranty information, service and support details and more information of product through the product landing page website can also be placed in the QR Code, so through the simple scan the consumer can get all the information he needed for the product. Not just for consumers the QR Code on product can also help the Manufacturers, Dealers/Distributors and Retailers also like for example:

[mn] For Manufacturers:

For manufacturers embedding QR Code on the product or the packaging will help them overcome the problem of duplicate and fakes products from the market. These days there are a lot of companies who make counterfeit products which they sell in the supply chain or online. These counterfeits will destroy the product name and reputation of the original product manufacturers as most of the time these counterfeit products are or low quality and cheap rip off. So it becomes a responsibility of the manufacturers to not just make top class products but also differentiate their original products from counterfeit and fakes ones. So to make this differentiation manufacturers can incorporate QR Codes on their products. OR Code having the advantage of carrying more information with in it the manufacturers can for each product generate a unique code which cannot be replicated or copied which they can use in the QR Code. This unique code is what makes the product different from counterfeits and fakes ones. In addition to this also the manufacturers can use the same QR Code for brand promotions and consumer engagement purposes. As QR Code can carry more information they can use it for more than one purpose.

[mn] For Dealers/Distributors:

For dealers/distributors the scanning of QR codes makes sure that they have genuine and original products they are dealing with and at the same time they can also with just this one single scan make the product inventory for their various stock systems. The QR codes can be used for multiple activities with just a single scan. By simply installing a plugin or add in to their existing application they can simply with scan make entries and exits of the products easily so this helps them in saving a lot of time while loading and unloading the products at their warehouses. Further as there will be different dealers/distributors in supply chain it is also possible to track the product flow from 1 dealer to 2nd dealers and distributors and to retailers and more. So at every point in supply chain there will be scans to validate the products originality and if at point fakes appear they can easily take action and find out from which reseller the fakes came up.

[mn] For Retailers:

For retailers the QR Code scan will not only make them validate the product but also it will help them to add the product to their stock. All retailers manage different application for over the counter sales of product for this they handle the products, it stocking, its price and sale via bar codes. QR codes can also handle what all bar codes can do and even more so QR Codes will not just allow the retailer to check the genuity of the product but also helps in adding the product to stock and selling the same over the counter and billing. All processes handled through single QR Code which makes handling very very easy.