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A modern and user-friendly Database increases productivity and revenue


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Export or import into any format you desired. With this new comprehensive product database the management and organization of articles a breeze. Everyone who has some basic experience with computers can be able to manage this database, including the many advanced options. It is best compared with a simple Excel file. It is simple to manage but not for ALL, available only for persons with right permissions.

Once you have the data updated and structured, 
you can distribute rights and permissions to other users.

In addition, you can create many types of codes at your fingertips. Here are a few examples: QR Code, EAN code, GS1-128, Code

With your permission, customers/ suppliers can download shared product data in their preferred format and re-use. Transparent and always up to date data providing the competitive edge. Of course, in the transfer of data the data security part is placed right on top. The system protects your Copyrights easy & efficient. [mn] medianet also provides valuable suggestions and alternate ways to exchange the data in an efficient so not to create problems with Google duplicate content (Duplicated Content).