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Why it is worth to optimize images for Search Engines

Images are now displayed for 45% of all search results with a link to the related site when ever you search for a keyword. Also users are continuously searching for images in Google.

For Example: A house owner wants to purchase a new storage cabin of specific material for his living room. For this he will enter in google search storage box wood in google image search. Immediately he is shown countless images of storage cabins of his desired material. A click on an image directly takes him to the source website.

So for you to land your picture in the Google image search on the first placesmn google result

For example, the pyramids speakers!

  • Filename: Best take here the relevant keywords: pyramid-speakers.jpg
  • Alt-Tag: The keywords also belong here: pyramide-lautsprecher′
  • Directory: you have many subfolders in you site, best would be if you place the image in the subfolder: /speakers.
  • Title, Surrounding Text and Caption: In the title again use one of the keyword, use one or more keywords in for the surrounding text, The keyword can be used more than once, but just do not over do it by putting many keywords. It also make sense to use keywords in the caption too.
  • Externe Links on the Image: Play as always in the field of SEO too at the pictures which the external links are related.


If one does update the important informations like file name, alt tag and the surrounding text for the image, you can get an increase in clicks after a short time.