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Discounts Management in Web Shop:

Overview: In this manual we would be detailing you the various Discount options available in the shop, how you can manage these discount options and how and where are these discounts effective and more. We have in our web shop mainly two kinds of discount, one is customer/user based discount and another is product based discount. Recently we have added a third kind of discount which is product based user discount. All three kinds of discounts work in tandem or separately or in some cases together too.

  1. Customer wise discount, discount given for users/customers or user groups in general.
  2. Product wise discount, discounts given for products or group of products in general which apply for all the users irrespective of their Role.
  3. Customer wise products discount, discounts given for users or group of users in relation to select product of group of products.

1. Customer wise discount, discount given for users/customers or user groups in general.

The option for assigning discount for users can be found in the Shop Admin End, User Administration (which is 7th menu in the left side menus). Once you click on User Administration you will find there a list of customers/users registered in the shop in a table. Towards the right for each row you will find the Settings option, clicking on the Icon of settings will open the available options in the settings section.

Here you will fine the option Manage Discounts, click on it and a pop up opens listing all the available discounts in the shop. In this pop up you can give for this customer/user his specific discount in percentage (%).Once you give the %age of discount and save the same is applied for that customer/users and this information. If this user want to order from shop then the discounts which have been applied to his account become active and he will get the final price after considering all his discounts. Also the same discount information is available for Admins, Internal Staff as well as users who have rights for Offers and Billing Module in the Offer Generation as well as Bill Generation pages. When ever the following customer is selected the discounts active for him are applied and these are also editable from the Offer as well as Billing pages.

Managing Discount Types:

In order to assign various discounts for customers/users, you have to manage the discount types, as we have multiple discounts to be managed we have made a special interface for managing these multiple discounts. The interface to manage the discount types can be in the Header of the User Administration table.

Click on Manage Discount and a you go to the manage discount page where you see the currently existing discount with the possibility of adding a new discount type as well delete the current one and even editing the name of the discount type.

All these discounts types which you manage here appear in the user discount section where you can give the user specific %age. You can also give this discount %age Group specific too. As customer/users are categorized into different groups and instead of single users you can assign discount for group of users at a time too. The user groups can be managed via the options Group Management which also can be found in the header of User Administration. Click on Group Management and a page opens where you can give the various discounts groups wise, and all the users who belong to these groups then get the discount values from the groups. So this way it is possible for you to assign discount users wise or group wise. If you can see the screen shot below you will in this single interface, you add groups, edit groups and delete groups. Also for the groups you have added you can give different discounts in %age.

Please note: By default all users get the discount which was given to his group but the discount which you give for an individual users over writes the discount he gets from group wise discount because the user discount given has more weightage as you are in this case giving special discount for an individual user.

2. Product wise discount, discounts given for products or group of products in general which apply for all the users irrespective of their Role.

This a discount which you apply for products, in this you can give discount for product directly without choosing any user as well you can give product discounts user specific too. Let us now see how you can give product discount independent of users.

After login please go to Shop Admin, in there select, Manage Product. Once you are in manage products you will see in under the search area different tabs, Click on Product Price tab. In this here you will find all sand product with their Purchase Price and Sale Price and a text field where you can give discount in %age. Here you can give %age of discount product wise, category wise, brand wise or by any searched criteria wise. All you have to do is choose from the various filters available in the search block and select the relevant product and give %age of discount to it.

This %age of discount which you give here is then applied to the product for all users independent of their login and roles. This is a direct product discount which can be categorises as sale products. In this way can give any kind of discount for any number of products.

Ordering on Behalf of Customers:

Admins of users with rights can order on behalf of customers easily via the shop ordering system. First select products which are to be added to cart, then click on the button Order which can be found below the cart. Once clicked on it you will be taken to the ordering process page where you can simply select a customers if he is already in the address book or add details of the new customer directly in the address page, click continue and finalise the products which are to be added and then click continue and confirm to confirm the order. As this is an order which is being made by the shop admin the payments options can be skipped. Once the order is made relevant Bill and Deliver Slips are generated and mailed to customer as well as internal people for order processing.

3. Customer wise products discount, discounts given for users or group of users in relation to select product of group of products.

This type of discount is for products connected to user. For this you have to go to Shop Admin, in shop admin click on User Management, you will see a list of all users in there, now click on the Settings icon which you see in the right in the users row. You will find the option, Product Discounts, clicking on it takes you to Product Discount page for the selected user. When you are in the page, you will see that first you see there empty list, no products are visible this is because this user has not been assigned any discount for any of the products. To start adding product discount for this user click on Add Products which you will find in the top right corner of the table. Once you click on them then a pop up appears all the products of the shop are shown with search and sorting options along with category filter option.

In here you can add discount for each single product and click on Add, or select a group of products and give a %age of discount in the common Discount block then click on Add Selected and all products which were selected will be added to the user. So it is easy to add product discount for this user, search for the product you want via the search and sorting and filters options, give certain %age of value in the Discount box and click on Add. Once you finished adding products with discount you can close the pop up and you will be taken to user product discount page where you will see all the products you have assigned to this user with discounts.

Here again you can edit the %age of discount or you can delete individual product row or all products from the discount section easily. For updating %age of discount just edit the discount %age and click on Update. If you want to delete single product row, click on Delete which you will find for each product row and if you delete selected products then click on Delete Selected.